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Auctions by Listing Member

Lot #TitleHigh BidTime Left
45682Pallet of Laptops and supplies A-15$610.002 Days 17 Hrs
45684Paketsharper 7500ISP Gigabit Lan Expansion$11.0019 Hrs 4 mins
45685HP Deskjet D2660 Printer (new in box) Epson Workforce 30 Printer$12.002 Days 19 Hrs
45687147 Small Credit Card Readers$51.002 Days 19 Hrs
45689HP Keyboard Rack Mount Kit-Part #J1518A$6.002 Days 19 Hrs
45692Rand Mcnally Map of Oakland County$1.002 Days 19 Hrs
45694Rand Mcnally Map of Oakland County$1.002 Days 19 Hrs
45696Rand Mcnalley Map of Oakland County$4.002 Days 19 Hrs
45698Rand Mcnalley Map of Oakland County$2.0019 Hrs 56 mins
45701I.T. Racks (not sure if complete)$1.002 Days 20 Hrs
45702Pallet of Computers A-16$204.992 Days 20 Hrs
45703Pallet of Computers A-17$205.002 Days 21 Hrs
45706Pallet of Computers A-18$205.002 Days 22 Hrs
45710Pink Gucci Bag$20.001 Days 16 Hrs
45711Blue Gucci Purse$25.001 Days 16 Hrs
45712Michael Kors Blue Leather Handbag$0.001 Days 16 Hrs
45713Michael Kors Purse-Silver in color$25.001 Days 16 Hrs
45714North Face Jacket$25.001 Days 16 Hrs
45715Gucci Shoes, size 10+$25.001 Days 16 Hrs
45718Gucci Shoes, size 10G$25.001 Days 17 Hrs
45719Gucci Shoes, size 10+$25.001 Days 17 Hrs
45720Gucci Shoes/Waterboots, size 38$25.001 Days 17 Hrs
45721Louis Vuitton Shoes, size 38 1/2$0.001 Days 18 Hrs
45722Prada Shoes, size 38.5$0.001 Days 18 Hrs
45723Prada Bike Shoes$25.001 Days 18 Hrs
45724Prada Shoes, size 9 1/2$25.001 Days 18 Hrs
45726Louis Vuitton Bag$20.001 Days 18 Hrs
45727Nike Air Max + 2013 Livestrong Shoes, size 10$20.001 Days 18 Hrs
45728Nike Air Max Excellerate Shoes, size 10.5$20.001 Days 18 Hrs
45729Nike Air Max 95 No sew, size 11$26.001 Days 18 Hrs
45730Nike Air Force 1 shoes, size 10$0.001 Days 19 Hrs
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