A new version of our site is launching this March

A New BidCorp...

For nearly 20 years, BidCorp has been providing premiere online government surplus auctions. To continue our tradition of innovation, we're proud to announce the launch of our new website on Monday, March 12, 2018.

We invite you to watch our video below to preview some of the new features, design, and usability.


BidCorp Team

Have Questions?

Q:Why is BidCorp changing the site?
A:Technologies change, markets adjust, and user preferences are always evolving. We must too. BidCorp has heavily invested in a new, mobile-friendly site that encompasses many of the existing features that users expect, but with better usability and speed. In addition, there's a ton of new functionality that you're going to love!
Q:When will I see the new site?
A:The new site will be live by Monday, March 12, 2018.
Q:What are some of the new features?
A:A lot!  Here are some of the highlights:
  • 100% mobile-friendly
  • Real time page updates (no need to refresh anymore)
  • New bidding alert notifications
  • Auctions by location
  • Personalized settings, including view options, user avatars, timezone preferences, and more
  • Enhanced image gallery
  • Auction videos
  • Captions on images
  • Private auctions
  • So much more...
Q:How will this impact current auctions and bids?
A:Bids and auctions from the current site will be transferred over to the new site. There should be a seamless transition with no impact (other than an enhanced experience, of course).
Q:What about old auctions?
A:We're bringin' everything along for the ride.
Q:Will there be any downtime?

Like any major web change, there is planned downtime. will be taking a nap the weekend before the big the reveal (March 10–11).

In addition, we've been partnering with sellers like MiBid, MDOT, Oakland County, etc. to ensure listings do not start or end around the launch date.

Q:Can I contact BidCorp about this new site?
A:Absolutely!  You can contact us here.
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