Booth Seating Lot #2

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Booth Seating

This is 2 of 2 listings for booth seating.

This listing comes with 2 benches.

Each bench has a straight end on one side and an angled end on the other.

The two benches are mirror images of each other, one has the angle on the left, one on the right.

The straight ends are not finished - see photos

Can be arranged in multiple ways.

Approximate measurements for each bench at longest point.

Length (longest part of seat) - 72"

Height (Back side of booth) - 42"

Width (front of bench to backside of booth) - 26"

These booth benches have been used and do have some signs of use.

Please bid accordingly.

While looking at the photos any with the #2 on the photos belong to this listing.

Any photos without a number are for reference only and may or may not be for the specific unit this listing is for...

There is one photo of 4 benches. The items for this auction are on the right and labeled as Auction 2,