Samsung Galaxy S6, 32GB, Verizon

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IMPORTANT! State Surplus Disclaimers

• All items are sold in untested "as is" and " "whereis" " condition and must be removed at purchaser's risk and expense. No refundsof any kind will be given. All sales are final. Returns will not be acceptedfor ANY reason.

• Phones can be inspected by user priorto purchase to verify working condition.

• Phones do not include chargers,headphones, or any other accessories.

• Phones may have scratches, dents,cracked screens, or other physical defects.

• Phones could potentially havebattery or other hardware issues that cannot be verified by physicalinspection.

• Phone will likely not be updatedwith the most current operating system software

• Phones are not verified to workother than initial charge to ensure it turns on.

• Purchaser will be responsible forensuring that iPhone cell carrier matches their current cell carrier (i.e.,Verizon phone for an existing Verizon cellular plan)

• By purchasing this phone you arecertifying that you understand and agree with the above.

Samsung Galaxy S6, 32GB, Verizon